Custom Gamecube Controller Design with Xbox Design Lab

Xbox considers it its duty to give its customers the right to choose and express themselves. The company speaks of a so-called “mission,” which is for players to start interacting more intimately with the Xbox universe and express their individuality in it, thus leaving their mark on the history of the Xbox gaming universe. So more than five years ago, the company created the Xbox Design Lab so fans could customize their official wireless controllers.

What is Xbox Design Lab, its history

Since the Design Lab Xbox came out, tens of thousands of people have started to create their unique designs, thereby showing their artistic talents and turning ideas into reality. Thanks to the Xbox Lab, people have been able to create designs to celebrate important events in both their own and their social lives: birthdays, championships, or even weddings. But unfortunately, the work of this setup ceased for a while as the company began to focus on developing the Xbox Series X | S. But we are happy to report that as of today the Xbox Design Lab is up and running again. But still, what is it, and how does it work? 

The Xbox Design Lab is a special program that has in its assortment many ways to create a personalized Xbox controller. With it, you can choose the color of almost all external parts of the gamepad yourself. The controller acts as a “canvas” on which you are free to express any of your creative impulses, add laser engraving of some events, your name or nickname of the player for example. When you have decided on the design and your controller will be ready it will be sent by mail with free shipping. 

Features Update 

The updated version of Xbox Design Lab will add a new generation of controllers. Players will benefit from advantages such as improved ergonomics for a larger span of manual sizes, improved interaction between devices, and more efficient operation. 

You’ll have your choice of 18 colors for almost all controller elements, including several new shades of blue, red, and green. All colored parts are made of plastic, very eco-friendly because this reduces plastic waste and pollution. 

The company is working hard to improve processes, materials, and innovation.

Create your design today 

Xbox Design Lab settings are available in all U.S. states, Canada, and most Western European countries. The price starts at $70, and if you include the optional engraving feature, that’s another $10. You will receive your product within 14 days of ordering. 

If you want to please yourself, your friend, or your significant other, Xbox will provide all the features to create your unique controller. Visit the manufacturer’s official website and start your creative journey.

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