How to Start a Personal Blog?

Today, a feature of blogs is the ease of adding new entries and structuring them: short posts are arranged in reverse chronological order. Modern bloggers have access to various platforms and formats of blogging. There is no single standard for how and what to talk/write, or what a blog should look like. However, in order to become popular today and encourage people to follow the blog, you need to make a lot of effort, create really high quality and interesting content, and gather around a group of people with common interests.

How to Run Your Blog?

Before you start a personal blog, you need to take a look at the aspects of its running:

  1. The function of socialization is to unite and maintain social ties. Social networks, such as Instagram and other blogging platforms, bring together tens of thousands of users from around the world, many of whom can find not only acquaintances but also people with similar tastes or preferences. Blogs overcome barriers (communication between people regardless of their location) and help to learn more about each other firsthand.
  2. The cumulative function represents the keeping of memoirs. A blog is a place to record, one of the ways to capture important information or life events. For example, the social network “Instagram ” archives all the pages and reminds about them – the user can remember what he did and where he was in the period that interests him.
  3. The function of self-development, or reflection. This feature of the blog allows the user to create a “perfect” image of himself, perhaps, and the one to which he aspires. The publicity of blogs forces authors to take care of the competent presentation of their thoughts, which helps to better understand themselves and the events around them, as well as to improve their public speaking skills.
  4. The psychotherapeutic function of a blog is that it serves to express emotions and helps to get out of a negative mental state. For many bloggers, it’s also a way to complain about life and get reassuring or positive words in return.

Not All Active Internet Users Are Bloggers

Do not assume that if a person creates some content, it is a blogger. Some really do not have all the signs to be related to this profession, while others are simply against such a definition of themselves. Some people can start their careers as bloggers hoping to become popular and earn good money. However, this lesson has other advantages. “First of all, blogging helps to gain new knowledge, reveals the unknown facets of your character, talents and, of course, complexes. To some extent, it helps to fight them, but only if the person wants it.

It is worth noting the social significance. People who respond to current events in their blogs are opinion leaders. “Bloggers are extremely important today. Because most media outlets have discredited themselves with total jeans, working for oligarchs and even for the enemy, bloggers often replace people with the media. But they can also be involved in one or another political force. Apparently, every blogger who is passionate about her work secretly dreams that it will not only bring pleasure but also at least partially provide a life.

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